During august and september 2007 (two weeks) participation in the ‘XIIIth International Design Seminar’ organised by IUSS Pavia in Lucca in Italy, entitled ‘Urban culture and landscape renewal’. This seminar was an outstanding opportunity to participate in ‘international design teams’ that consisted of students from all over the world (Italy, China, Jordan, Tunisia, Malta, Poland and Switzerland). During two weeks working and practicing our skills, each of the group managed to come out with some great effects. Here you can see some of the works, that we managed to produce during that time (what is important that all of those works were handdrawn – no computer was used). The project’s topic was the adaptation and reconstruction of an old and abandoned hospital, located at the Fregionaia hill, near Lucca in Tuscany:

 One of the boards.

    The analisyses of tuscan landscape.

   The development of the projects idea (the use of public spaces).